The Top 5 Flip Book Software Programs

A flipbook is a content representation option that allows users to publish materials online. They differ from other content publishing options such as PDF in that they provide a great looking publication that users enjoy interacting with and even sharing.

PDF might be a great choice for various content types such as reports but when it comes to marketing or more commercial content such as catalogues and other marketing materials, a flip book works so much better. This is because a flip book wraps your content in a format that readers are familiar with- most of the time they feel like they are reading an actual book. Your ideas are also beautifully transmitted and available across all devices.

With all of these advantages, it is important to have the right flip PDF mac, windows or online based software to convert your PDF files and other files into great looking, easily sharable flip books. In this article, we are going to be looking at the top 5 flip PDF mac, windows and online based software to help you get your flip books done right.

  1. Visuals Flip Book Software

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This is a windows based software that allows you to easily create stunning flip books. It allows you to add various features into your flipbooks including timelines or even FAQ section. It is very easy to use allowing the user to create stunning 3D flip book with custom text, images and even characters.

Pros of using Visuals

  • It is very easy to use and can allow the user to incorporate timelines and FAQ sections
  • Utilizes HTML5 so the resultant flip books can be viewed on mobile devices
  • You can easily adjust the quality and compression of the flip book

Cons of using Visuals

  • You cannot upload PDF files
  • The free-trial version is only valid for 30 days


  1. FlipSnack


This web-based flip book creation software can be used to create flip PDF mac or windows online. It is very fast and easy to use and comes with an elegant interface with a great user experience.

Pros of using FlipSnack

It goes beyond a simple converter to include a flip book editor

You can upload a PDF document to convert or begin the project from scratch

It comes with a wide range of pre- installed templates and images that you can insert into your flip book

Cons of using FlipSnack

  • The free version is limited and only allows you a few options for editing. Subscription prices begin at $16.


  1. Yumpu


This is another web based PDF to flipbook converter that promises a great flip book. The problem with this one is that is simply converts your PDF document to flip book and doesn’t have options to edit the flipbook or add any extras.

Pros of using Yumpu

  • It is completely free to use
  • It has a “bookshelf” that allows you to easily embed your whole eBook collection on to your website.
  • There are no limits to the number of PDFs you can convert
  • You can also protect documents you would rather keep private

Cons of using Yumpu

  • It doesn’t have too many options to edit the flipbook


  1. Flipping Book


This one is a flip PDF mac and windows software that comes in handy when creating flip books. It is very useful in not only the creation of flip books but also catalogues, documents and even photo albums. Creation using this software is very easy thanks to the many templates available for different project types.

Pros of using Flipping Book

  • It creates a flip book with a great page turning effect that is very realistic
  • It allows for total customization that creates a unique flipbook
  • You can include links, video and audio into the flipbook

Cons of Using Flipping Book

  • The trial version limits publication to just 10 pages


  1. PubHTML5


This one is a flip PDF mac, windows and online based software that allows you to create stunning flip books. It gives you a wide range of solutions to choose from allowing you to customize your flipbook in a variety of ways.

Pros of Using PubHTML5

  • The desktop version comes with a free trial version that allows access to a lot of basic templates and backgrounds
  • The online version is also free
  • There are a lot of publishing options to choose from especially on the desktop version

Cons of Using PubHTML5

  • The premium version is rather expensive at $999 for a lifetime business plan
  • The online platform only allows for PDF conversion- you can’t create documents from scratch.


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