Convert your PDF to HTML5 Flipbook and Grow your Audience Exponentially

Digital publishing is constantly changing and as a marketer you need to change with it if you are going to make an impact in the industry. In the recent past, PDFs were the focus of the digital publishing world. Whenever you needed to create an eBook, catalogue or even just a free report, you used PDF files to share the final product. The problem with PDF is that it was almost impossible to read the document comfortably. The reader would have to download the PDF file and then read it on their computer. This was all good until they tried to read the same PDF file on their iPad or other mobile device.

The problems experienced by PDF readers on mobile devices can be fixed by one particular innovation that is taking the publishing world by storm. PDFs can be converted to flip books that are compatible with all devices including iOS devices and Android devices. With the right PDF to HTML5 flipbook converter you can get your message in front of more people than you would if you were using PDF to share your message.

The Ability to Add More Content

The main advantage of flip books over PDF is that they are appealing to the reader. With the right PDF to HTML5 flipbook you can not only create a beautifully presented flip book but you can create a flip book that is laden with content. This is because most PDF to HTML5 flipbook converters will allow you to include as much information as you need into your publication.

This is because you can add video, audio and additional links into the publication to add more information. This is particularly helpful if you are going to be using the flip book as a catalogue to display information regarding your products. Some HTML 5 flip catalogues can even allow you to place buy-links into the document and begin the buying process right there on the catalogue.

Flipbooks unlike PDFs also make for easy reading due to the animated flipping of the page that can be set to be automatic. This is in contrast to PDFs that you had to click or hit a key on the keyboard to turn a page.

You include all kinds of readers

In order to read PDF files on your computer or any other device, the computer must have Adobe Flash installed on it. For a long time this wasn’t a problem until more and more people began preferring to read on their mobile devices rather than on their desktops and laptops. You scan still read PDF on your mobile device such as an iPad but the problem is that the experience will not be as good. There is a problem with zooming in on the content if on a mobile device such as an iPad.

Therefore if you decide that you are going to distribute your content as PDF you may be leaving money on the table in the form of the many people who choose to read on their mobile devices. Just for choosing to convert your existing PDF to HTML5 flipbook you can easily capitalize on this section of your audience and exponentially grow your reach and consequently your profits. In this way, flip books totally change the way marketers develop and distribute content to their audiences.

It is very easy to make

When you first take a look at a completed and well-made flip book, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed with the prospect of creating one yourself. The truth of the matter is that it is not that hard. Most PDF to HTML5 flipbook converters make it very easy. You can simply begin with a pre-made PDF or there are those that allow you to begin the flip book creation from scratch on a word processor within the software.

You then get to decide what features can be added on to the flipbook. For instance you can choose to have an automated flipping animation that has a few seconds of delay to allow the reader to consume the content. You also get to add background images and other aspects such as your company logo to make the final publication more familiar to your audience.

Try flipbooks as opposed to PDF and watch as you gain more followers who will only be too happy to share your content.

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